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It’s time to take a fresh look at producing video for the socialsphere.


A Half-Full Video production is a practical approach to online content development. It requires us to resist the urge to nuke an ant. Begin by recognizing the way the video will be used and don’t treat it like a Super Bowl commercial, unless it is. Flexibility can make a smart idea that goes on social media incredibly effective and quite practical.


We'll bring the same watchful eye and experienced directorial savvy but don’t look for a half-ton grip truck or a large crew. Video village is replaced with sharing clips on the back of a mirrorless camera and post production is handled with simpler graphics. In the end it still must be creative and convey an entertaining idea while understanding the short shelf life of social media.


A Half-Full Video isn't applied to all projects. We will recommend when more tools are needed to accomplish the goal. We have many other ways to achieve the premium end of the spectrum. However, in a world of spontaneous social media there are many opportunities to bring a clever message to a fast paced mobile-first arena, our Half-Full Video approach can be just what you need.

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